Wednesday, August 8, 2007

(Robert Larson) We're all Thieves

One of the other photographers in communications was looking at this picture up on my blog and asked if I had named the picture We're all Thieves and why . . .

I've alwaya been one of those people who continuously carries a song in their heart. Some last much much longer than others and there is one that I just always seem to be singing (since I arrived in Liberia over two months ago) to myself when I am alone out walking and or seeking a bit of solitude away from the ship. The song is called We're all Thieves . . . and it was a song I used to love driving to in the wee hours of the morning back in LA with nowhere in particular to go. I never really felt like it was the lyrics that hooked me but rather the song in its entirety the way it all came together . . . and esspecially from the bridge and into the chorus . . . it would give me the chills everytime.

When I took this picture, the song simply exploded into my mind. It is not something I want to really get into explaining in any great detail, and I know this is quite possibly unique to me and me alone, but it all made sense. The reality of it all. Inside . . . . I couldn't imagine.

excuse, oh no anything goes
excuses, you know it doesn’t work
excuse, oh no anything goes
excuses don’t work.
excuse me this will calls out desperate
excuse me this will calls out desperate

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

(Robert Larson) First Impressions

The first entry is always a little strange. I have been a pretty active blogger for about 6 years now. Starting in high school whining to no end about teachers and girls to being in Africa as a photographer / volunteer with a INGO . . . whining to no end about the meaning of life itself. So it has been awhile since that . . . hi I'm Robby and I think I'll start writing here now awkwardness. I am from L.A. not born but most definitely raised and this is my first time in Africa . . . and my first time working with Mercy Ships. Back home I worked as a photographer when I could and the rest of the time I just took pictures any ways. I did a little bit of everything but my heart has been in what they call "Fine Art" photography. I like to share MY interpretation of things more than I like serving a client/boss, but sometimes that is life.

This is my first time traveling for an extended period of time and every week that goes by I become increasingly thankful that I am here for 6 or 7 months rather than 2 weeks. I think my first impression of Africa was pretty much "Holy momma this is a dream". Looking out the window on the way to the harbor was basically like being torn from reality some random evening at home and shoved into the television during a National Geographic special . . . . then having to realize this was life now, at least for a little while. It is funny how your eyes can change. Everything looks like a photograph, everything looks like I dreamed it would, and it is all so very exciting. Then reality begins to set in. Suddenly there is homesickness and boredom, frustration and doubt that maybe non of this is really helping. At some point there is a balance that needs to be achieved. I could go on and on, and over time . . . little by little I will. I can honestly say that what excitement and wonder I still have is all swirling around the future. It is so rad that we have a blog that can be enjoyed as a community. I think there are so many people on this ship that would love to speak up and share their thoughts, their experiences . . . photographs, poems, whatever whatever the list goes on. Your gifts should be shared!

As for me personally, I just look forward to showing everyone how ranty and scatter brained I can be! hehe

(Esther Biney) Saved : From the Shadow of Death

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The first blog entry on Anchors Aweigh, how exciting! This is a blog started by the Communications team aboard Mercy Ship new floating hospital ship, the Africa Mercy. This blog is not just for Communications members though . . . . it is for all current and former crew who have a story to tell. We have all seen and heard amazing things . . . we all have a different way of expressing ourselves and this is where we can all come together and share. The main contributors will be current Communications team members but anyone on the ship with something they would like to share can give it to us to be posted along with their name under the Anchors Aweigh profile. Pease . . . be free here, but also be respectful. We are all aware of the code of conduct in the organization, so don't share anything you wouldn't share with the Captain and don't type anything about anyone that you wouldn't say to her/his face. Keep it positive and like we said . . . . respectful, but most importantly have fun!